Car Parking & Charges

There is NO Car Park ‘pre-booking’ facility operating at Kerry Airport. During busy periods – an overflow area is opened in the Long Term Car Park – please follow the signage. Passengers are advised to take a ticket on entrance to the Car Parks and pay for same via the Paystations in the Main Terminal. Payments can be made by Cash and/or Credit Cards.

There are two main car parks located at Kerry Airport – Short and Long Term.

Short Term Parking

The short term car park is located directly outside the main terminal building and is ideal for meeting or dropping someone off to a flight, overnight or short term stays.

Current Rate: First Half Hour Free – €2.50 to €12 per day, depending on length of stay up to 24 hours.

Short TermRates
0-30 minsNo charge
Up to 2 hours€2.50
Up to 5 hours€5.00
Up to 12 hours€8.00
Up to 24 hours€12.00
Per day (or part thereof)€12.00

Long Term Parking

The long term car park is located within two minutes walk of the main terminal building. It is ideal for long stays such as long weekends or holidays.

Current Rate: First Hour Free – From €10 per day, depending on length of stay up to 24 hours.

Long TermRates
Up to 1 hourNo charge
Up to 2 hours€1.50
Up to 12 hours€7.00
Up to 24 hours€10.00
Daily Rate (per day or part thereof)
Day 1 to Day 5
(Max charge €45 for 8 days)
Daily Rate (per day or part thereof)
Day 9 to Day 15
(Max charge €73 for 15 days)
Daily Rate (per day or part thereof)
After Day 15
Daily Rate (per day or part thereof)
After Day 16

Disabled Car Parking

There are 10 disabled parking spaces available for passengers with disabilities at Kerry Airport. These spaces are available in the short term car park to allow easy access to the main terminal.

Current Rate: €10 per 24 hours and €10 per day or part-thereof after 24 hrs.

Blue Badge Holders are advised (on their return flight) to take their Badge + Entry Ticket to the Information Desk whereby staff will issue a NEW ticket at Long Term rate for payment at the nearest Pay Machine.   Car Park charges apply to all Blue Badge Users availing of  Kerry Airport parking facilities but will be applied at Long Term parking rates rather than Short Term rates.


There are two payment options at the Car Park Pay Stations – Euro coins/notes and major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa)